2018 glasses

Joy, wisdom and sharing during 2018. I woke up this morning with an amazing view of today's full moon in Chino Valley. I have attended...

Buddhist teachings at Garchen Institute for the past 3 days. I just left, I felt like I was departing from home. As an immigrant from Mexico, I remember to go home every year for the past 25 years, to greet and spend time with my parents & family, they taught me unconditional love. Both of my parents passed already. In December of 2016, I came to listen to Garchen's teachings. I got very, very sick during the10 days retreat.

Here I came again, why? Because I finally learned that pain and suffering is part of a journey for growth. I accepted my vulnerabilities. I learned about my mind process. Today I know my parents are in a better place, I will tell more on this issue later. I saw it, I can feel it through my six senses ( mind is the sixth sense) it can become the guru's mind.

In my 2018 glasses will be a space where we can grow as humans, be kind, be respectful, have a more compassionate version of success, feminism, partner, love, art, religion, erotic means, politics, power, leadership, gender role. This is a new year for sharing, joy and wisdom to accomplish what the full moon (creativity) the GURÚ ( inner leader) and laugh are telling us to do.

Be organized, discipline, and good person. Will you? Reflect upon your own behavior and dissolve your frustrations with a sweet laugh.

Try to avoid sarcasm as much as possible. Sarcasm was meant to hurt people in a bloody manner, it creates the feeling of separation between you and the other, that is a mind projection that eventually will hurt you. If you will to use it, do it in literary art, leave it in fiction.

No olvides reirte de tus tonterías y jamás uses el sarcasmo, ni hieras a tu hermano/a aunque a veces pienses que lo merezcan. Lo que le haces a los demás te lo haces a ti mismo/a. See you soon!!

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