Violencia de género. Medias de Seda

La violencia de género no es un chiste, there is nothing sarcastic about it. There is a need for dialog in how we treat each other. I agree that some jokes among women to cure our soul is a MUST+ but despite our suffering and paths we have learned to dissolve it, we, women, we like it or not, are in charge of the WORLD. There is nothing fantastic or lovely about rape, suicide, pedofilia, harsh words and sarcasm. My confession is that I struggle to keep sarcasm out of my mind, whenever I witness stupidity. On a daily basis I want to joke around my own mistakes, than, I realized, I need some seriousness to treat my wounds, I need a holly space to reach silence and listen to my soul. Sometimes I will laugh alone, I have that nínfula who is telling me to look for revenge for all women, she is only 13 years old. She is innocent, she not a demon like Humbert made me believe I was. That very same child at 13 years old has something to tell....I will come back with more...

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